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National Delivery is a series of American monologues - a collection of self-portraits drawn from the many ways we express ourselves, and reconstituted in song, comics, short film, and audio.

National Delivery was conceived as a theatrical effort - a successor to the Bay Area dramatic reading series First Person Singular. It debuted onstage, and onstage it shall remain, accompanied now by this Electric Anthology (and Inbox Enhancer) - an online broadcast, resource, and archive that broadens the reach of our dramatic offerings, and couches them in a variety of forms.

We launched in 2023, and every week we’ll bring you the word of a fellow American - historical or fictional, adapted or composed - who, like you, has found themselves wrestling with existence in our unique national context. However different they seem on the surface, we think you’ll identify, sympathize, or at the very least be concerned with what they relate. In these disunited times, this is our primary goal. We also wish to entertain you, engage you, and make you feel deeply rooted to - and hopeful about - our ongoing experiment in democracy, which by its very nature (and before the ink dried on the Declaration) was a crisis.

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